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In Saint Simon

Saint-Simon is located in Auvergne, in the department of Cantal.

The town is northeast of Aurillac, the entrance to the valley of the Jordanne, which leads to the circus Mandailles at the foot of the Puy Mary.

Emblematic of Saint Simon, the lime tree Sully is more than 400 years old. It is located on the church square, opposite the town hall.

Lime Sully

The city of Saint-Simon is the home of Gerbert, Pope of year one thousand, better known under the name of Sylvester II. This character was a scholar important influence in Europe. In presenting the "Holy Crown" King Hungary, Etienne 1, he was behind the creation of the Hungarian nation. The church of Saint-Simon has a fine collection of statues. The frescoes Gerbert colorful works by painter Hungarian Gabor Szinte have been inaugurated in June 2005.

The frescoes Gerbert, 1 of 2 The frescoes Gerbert, 2 of 2

In Aurillac

The town of Aurillac offers many points of interest: pedestrian Old Town and its shops, museum of volcanoes, museum of Art and Archeology. Guided tours of the National Stud, the medieval town, discovery of old trades and tastings. The arms of Aurillac emblazon: Mouths three scallops Jacques gold, sewn to the head Azure three gold fleurs-de-lis.

The emblazon of Aurillac

Located downtown, the Museum of Art and Archeology combines Aurillac tradition and modernity. Modern architecture in a building of the seventeenth (a former convent of the Visitation, became National Stud in the nineteenth century until the 1980s), lively museum presentation of the collections of archeology, fine arts, contemporary photographs, ethnography (Traditional cantalien inside reconstituted).

The museum of Art and Archeology

Housed in a wing of the castle Saint-Etienne, the museum of volcanoes offers a fun and interactive discovery of how the Earth worksand an intrinsic phenomenon in the history of Cantal: volcanism.

The museum of volcanoes

The library of the community of Aurillac, restored in 2010, offers, around a central light well-defined features themes: arts, history, literature, etc.. that mixes media and extensive use of multimedia.

The library

You can download the pads on culture in Aurillac and especially the cultural season (theater, music and dance, heritage) from this link to the website of the city. You can also discover our country, and have good time, with friends or family, in the city's museums...


The Festival of Street Theater, founded in 1986, has established itself as one of main events of performing arts in France withopen to all and to all forms of expression programming. Due to health conditions,the Festival of Street Theater Aurillac will take place on 17, 18, 19 and 20th august 2022 ! The programming is usually published on the Festival site. In the meantime, here is below against on the right the festival poster 2022:

Festival of Street Theater Aurillac 2013

The cinema le Cristal Aurillac programs recent films, art films, broadcasts operas and ballets and films suitable for a young audience.

In the Cantal

By car you will discover remarkable villages (Marcoles, Saint Flour, Salers, Tournemire), castles Anjony, Conros, Messilhac, Pesteil, Vixouze, Val in Lanobre, the trusted Puy Mary, the valley of Jordanne and Romanesque churches, the circus of Mandailles and the Cantal volcano

Below the castle of Pesteils (left) and that of Val in Lanobre (right)

The castle of Pesteils the castle of Anjony

The walking tour of the gorges of the Jordanne, landscaped walkways and bridges between rocks, vegetation and river is particularly appreciated by families with thrill and learning paths.

The gorges of the Jordanne

The Cantal volcano, protected natural area is the largest in Europe with its famous peaks and lookouts: Puy Mary, Puy Griou, Puy Chavaroche,Puy Violent, Plomb du Cantal. Many options are available to discover it: walking routes all levels, family hiking with donkeys, mountain biking, cycling and cycling. You will discover: marmots, chamois, moufflons, deer, martagon, anemones, gentians, wild raspberries...

The Cantal volcano

Discover the gastronomic specialties of Cantal: five PDO cheeses, Salers cow, sausages (high pork with chestnuts), truffles, pounti, stuffed cabbage...

In early July, the European Taste, gourmet event for awareness and promote local produce (and from elsewhere) with entertainment and tastings await you.

Gastronomy Cantal